What is Scienteer?

Scienteer is an online science fair management software system that works like tax software, designed to guide students, teachers and science fair directors through a step by step process, auto-filling forms and documentation.

Who are we?

Scienteer Technologies Corporation is a software development company based in San Antonio Texas since 2014. For more information feel free to contact us at hello@scienteer.com

What is the purpose of Scienteer?

To bring sustainability to academic science based competitions, encourage community participation in STEM, and support student based research.

What makes Scienteer unique and/or different in today's market?

  • Scienteer allows fairs and schools to advance their students to higher fairs by bypassing re-registration processes and additional paperwork submits by keeping the process completely paperless.
  • Scienteer's Management Dashboard allows each user to manage their progress in real-time. Whether you're a fair director, administrator or teacher, being able to manage students from their scientific work to advancing to another fair, the management dashboard makes it easy from any device.
  • All data is managed in a secure online database system, eliminating the need for printing out paper. All required signatures can be done electronically or even on mobile devices.

What is the long-term vision for Scienteer?

Our hopes are that it will be adopted by the international community as the new standard for documenting research and managing the INTEL ISEF competitions globally. Eventually we want a single global community based on academic achievement with actual useful apps and tools that will help promote and sustain student based research. By making it easier for students to become involved in the science fair, we hope to help students prepare for a future in the STEM fields.

What problem does this site solve?

Student based research was dying because of the over-complicated, outdated and bureaucratic method of documentation. (Just like income taxes, too many rules and forms to keep track of). Having to sign and date things multiple times in the right places, checkboxes, blanks on forms with not enough space to provide the required information, etc. Getting outside signatures, complicated review processes... the list goes on. At the international fair in 2014, out of about 1300 finalists from around the world, almost 1200 failed the first round of review because of paperwork mistakes. Teachers were burned out, students were burned out.

The massive amount of paper is a huge burden and cost upon regions and schools. To give you an idea:

  • Last year using our system in only 8 regions of Texas we managed and tracked electronically.
  • 24,372 research projects which generated 104,243 multipage documents which would equate to about 300,000 sheets of paper.
  • All of that paper must normally be copied and faxed multiple times for review and for submission to be handled physically at each fair.
  • With everything online, all reviews all submissions were electronic. Sending a student to the next level was just one click of a button. Committees reviewed projects in real time online from home and students are notified in real time of their status.
  • The online system allowed teams to collaborate and work together even if they were from different cities, states or regions.
  • Regions were able to monitor their schools progresses in real time, schools their students, etc. Teachers/mentors were able to jump in remotely and help students who were stuck.
  • All data is stored in a database, our lists of schools and students is far more extensive than any other. We include home-schools, private schools, parochial schools, co-ops, science clubs, charter schools, parents, students, mentors, teachers etc.

Funding is needed for additional development and sustainability of Scienteer

We design the tools from user's feedback, while focusing on what value can Scienteer bring to our students today that will impact our communities and the world of tomorrow. Such as:

  • Help with finding research laboratories for students in need.
  • Connect teachers, students, and parents to suppliers and resources
  • CV and college application documentation generation
  • Internship and Mentorship connections
  • Creation of a pathway to higher education and the STEM workforce
For funding contributions and additional information, email support@scienteer.com.


Scienteer is designed to guide students, teachers and fair directors through the required steps to comply with the Intel ISEF competitions. Scienteer Technologies Corporation is dedicated to improving the promotion and sustainability of student based research and STEM education by subsidizing the cost of this online service so that students, schools and science fairs pay nothing for their membership. It works like tax software!

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