Regulated Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form (1C)
This form must be completed AFTER experimentation by the adult supervising the student research
either virtually or onsite, conducted in a regulated research institution, industrial setting or
any work site other than home, school or field
Student's Name(s):
Project Title:
Mathematical Modeling of CO2 Migration and Trapping in Geologic Formations for Risk Assessment of Carbon Sequestration impacting Carbon Footprint 
To be completed by the Supervising Adult in the Setting (NOT the Student(s)) after experimentation:
(Responses must remain on the form as it is required to be displayed at student's project booth.)
Research was supported at my work site:
Did you or your proxy (e.g. graduate student, postdoc, employee) mentor or provide
substantial guidance to the student researcher?
Yes     No
If no, describe your and/or your institution's role with the student researcher and
his/her project (e.g. supervised use of equipment on site without ongoing mentorship)
and sign below.
If yes, complete questions 2-5.
Is the student's research project a subset of your ongoing research or work?
Yes     No
Use questions 3, 4 and 5 to detail how the student's project was similar and/or
different from ongoing research or work at your site.
Describe the independence and creativity with which the student:
a.  developed the hypotheses or engineering goals for his/her research project
Over the summer, Shaunak helped with a project focused on the numerical simulation of CO2 migration in saline aquifers, where he learnt the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. For his science fair project, he decided to improve his fluid mechanics skills by conducting a project, which involves fluid flow simulations.  
b.  designed the methodology for his/her research project
After independently conducting a social analysis addressing the need for accelerating the large-scale implementation of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), he discovered that CO2 leakage is one of the main risks associated with this technology. For his science fair project, Shaunak decided to perform a risk assessment of CO2 flow through fractures in subsurface reservoirs that can act as a leakage pathway for CO2. Shaunak independently developed the overall project goal and purpose, using my mentorship to solidify his methodology and procedures.  
c.  analyzed and interpreted data
He will generate different geometries of a facture by modifying a Matlab code. He will then run different simulation scenarios with changing the simulation input parameters and investigate the effect of those parameters on the simulation results.  He will then come up with a procedure to pos-process the simulation outputs using a software called Paraview.  
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Page 35              International Rules: Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fairs 2021-2022
Regulated Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form (1C)
Student's Name(s):
Detail the student's role in conducting the research (e.g. data collection, specific procedures
performed). Differentiate what the student observed and what the student actually did.
Shaunak will run fluid flow simulations using OpenFOAM solver on high-performance computing systems of Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at UT-Austin. He will run different scenarios of simulations. He will also post-process the simulation data and plot different curves.  
Did the student(s) work on the project as part of a group?
Yes     No
If yes, how many individuals were in the group and who were they (e.g. high-school
students, graduate students, faculty, professional researchers)?
He has worked with one of the graduate students in the group.  
I attest that the student has conducted the work as indicated above and that any required review and approval by
institutional regulatory board (IRB/IACUC/IBC) has been obtained. Copies are attached if applicable.
I further acknowledge that the student will be presenting this work publicly in competition and I have communicated
with the student researcher regarding any requirements for my review and/or restrictions of what is publicized.
Supervising Adult's Printed Name
Date Signed(must be after experimentation)
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